kitchen cabinets

Key Takeaways

  • CGM Kitchen Remodeling Cleveland Offers a Wide Range of Kitchen Cabinet Services, Including Installation, Replacement, and Custom Solutions
  • They Work With Clients to Find the Perfect Cabinets at the Right Price, Offering Various Wood Options and Finishes to Suit Any Design Style and Budget
  • CGM Kitchen Remodeling Cleveland Provides Expert Installation Services for Kitchen Cupboards, Drawers, and Cabinet Lighting to Enhance Both Functionality and Aesthetic Appeal
  • Their Team Uses High-Quality Materials and Precise Installation Techniques to Ensure a Polished and Cohesive Look Throughout the Kitchen
  • Customers Can Easily Request a Quote or Get More Information About CGM Kitchen Remodeling Cleveland’s Services Through Their Website or by Contacting Them Directly

kitchen cabinets

CGM Kitchen Remodeling Cleveland offers a wide range of services related to kitchen cabinets, including installation of new cabinets, replacement of doors and drawers, and custom cabinet solutions.

Whether the project involves a complete kitchen renovation or a simple bathroom cabinet update, their experienced team can handle it all.

From high-end maple cabinetry to budget-friendly options, CGM Kitchen Remodeling Cleveland works with clients to find the perfect cabinets at the right price.

Their services also include cabinet knob installation, hanging wall cabinets and cupboards, and installing cabinet lighting to enhance functionality and aesthetics.

kitchen remodeling cleveland

Kitchen Cabinet Installation

CGM Kitchen Remodeling Cleveland specializes in kitchen cabinet installation, offering a variety of wood options to suit any design style and budget. Their experienced team works closely with clients to maximize space and functionality while incorporating the perfect color and finish to complement the overall aesthetic of the kitchen.

From custom cabinetry designed to fit around unique features like sinks and appliances to pre-fabricated options that provide a cost-effective solution, CGM Kitchen Remodeling Cleveland has the expertise to handle any cabinet installation project with precision and attention to detail.

kitchen remodeling cleveland

Replacing Doors on Kitchen Cabinets

For homeowners looking to refresh their kitchen on a budget, replacing cabinet doors is an excellent option. CGM Kitchen Remodeling Cleveland offers a range of cabinet door replacements, including solid wood, plywood, and laminate options to suit any style or budget. Their team can also install pull-out pantry shelves and rolling cart systems to maximize storage space.

In addition to enhancing the visual appeal of the kitchen, replacing cabinet doors can also improve accessibility for individuals using screen readers or other assistive devices. CGM Kitchen Remodeling Cleveland works with clients to ensure that all cabinet upgrades meet their specific needs and preferences.

kitchen remodeling cleveland

Installing Custom Cabinets

CGM Kitchen Remodeling Cleveland offers custom cabinet solutions tailored to each customer’s unique needs and preferences. Their skilled craftsmen work with high-quality materials, such as solid wood and plywood, rather than lower-quality options like particle board, to create durable and visually stunning cabinets that enhance any kitchen.

The team at CGM Kitchen Remodeling Cleveland takes precise measurements of the room to ensure a perfect fit for each custom cabinet. They also offer a wide range of finishes, from traditional stains to modern paint colors, allowing customers to create a look that complements their personal style and the overall aesthetic of their home.

kitchen remodeling cleveland

Kitchen Cupboard Installation

CGM Kitchen Remodeling Cleveland offers expert kitchen cupboard installation services for both retail customers and home improvement projects. Their team has extensive experience in the construction industry, ensuring precise and durable installation of cupboards from top brands like Cliq Studio Cabinets.

In addition to providing high-quality installation, CGM Kitchen Remodeling Cleveland focuses on making kitchen cupboards accessible for all users. They offer a range of customization options to accommodate specific needs and preferences, ensuring that every customer can fully enjoy their newly installed cupboards.

kitchen remodeling cleveland

Replacing Kitchen Drawer

CGM Kitchen Remodeling Cleveland offers expert kitchen drawer replacement services, using high-quality materials like solid oak and tempered glass. Their team ensures precise installation and smooth operation of drawers, paying close attention to accessibility for all users.

In addition to their skilled craftsmanship, CGM Kitchen Remodeling Cleveland is known for their exceptional customer service. They work closely with clients to address any concerns, from minor adjustments to coordinating with plumbing professionals for a seamless kitchen remodel:

  • Custom drawer sizes and configurations
  • Soft-close hardware for smooth, silent operation
  • Durable materials like solid wood and tempered glass
  • Accessible design options for all users
  • Coordination with plumbing and other contractors
kitchen remodeling cleveland

Cabinet Knob Installation

CGM Kitchen Remodeling Cleveland offers expert cabinet knob installation services to enhance both the style and functionality of kitchen cabinets. Their experienced team selects high-quality knobs in a range of finishes, from sleek chrome to warm oil-rubbed bronze, to complement any design aesthetic, whether it’s a modern grey palette or a rich chocolate tone.

In addition to their extensive warehouse inventory, CGM Kitchen Remodeling Cleveland can also source unique and custom knobs to perfectly match a client’s existing furniture or flooring. Their precise installation techniques ensure that each knob is securely fastened and properly aligned, creating a polished and cohesive look throughout the kitchen

kitchen remodeling cleveland

Hanging a Kitchen Cupboard

CGM Kitchen Remodeling Cleveland offers expert services for hanging kitchen cupboards, ensuring they are securely attached to the ceiling or wall. Their team uses high-quality materials like solid cherry or maple lumber, which are carefully selected for each project.

Customers can easily request a quote or get more information about hanging kitchen cupboards by contacting CGM Kitchen Remodeling Cleveland via their email address or through the contact form on their website, which is powered by Java technology.

kitchen remodeling cleveland

Cabinet Lighting Installation

CGM Kitchen Remodeling Cleveland offers expert cabinet lighting installation services to enhance both the functionality and aesthetic appeal of kitchen cabinets. Their team can install a variety of lighting options, from energy-efficient LED strips in a cool white or warm yellow hue to puck lights in finishes like sleek charcoal gray or slate.

In addition to their standard lighting options, CGM Kitchen Remodeling Cleveland can also install custom cabinet lighting features like heat-resistant glass shelves with integrated lighting or green-tinted accent lights for a unique, modern look. Their FAQ page provides helpful information on cabinet lighting installation and design possibilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

CGM Kitchen Remodeling Cleveland offers a wide range of kitchen cabinet styles, including traditional, modern, and custom-designed options. Their experienced team helps clients select the perfect cabinets to suit their design preferences and budget.

New kitchen cabinets can completely transform the look of a kitchen by updating the style, color, and overall aesthetic. They can also improve functionality and storage capacity, making the space more efficient and enjoyable to use.

Custom kitchen cabinets offer a perfect fit for unique kitchen layouts and allow for personalized designs, materials, and finishes. They provide superior quality and durability compared to stock cabinets, which are mass-produced and have limited size and style options.

CGM Kitchen Remodeling Cleveland ensures the quality of their cabinets by sourcing materials from trusted suppliers and employing skilled craftsmen. Their cabinets undergo rigorous quality control inspections to guarantee durability and visual appeal.

When choosing kitchen cabinets for a remodel, consider the following factors:

  • Material, style, and color that complement the overall kitchen design and personal preferences
  • Quality of construction, hardware, and finishes for durability and longevity
  • Budget and the balance between cost and desired features
  • Functionality and storage needs based on the size of the kitchen and cooking habits

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